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Flat Credit Card Size Multitool: 16 EDC Card Tools For Everyday Carry Use

EDC Card Tool or wallets Multitool is about the size of a credit card and can easily fit in your wallet. Unlike credit cards, these pocket tools are usually made of heat-treated stainless steel. A lot of them can perform more than a dozen functions, but many of them aren’t very thick. They’re small enough to fit in your wallet sleeves or to be seamlessly carried in your pocket. Although they’re compact, they’re incredibly durable.

Everyday carry is constantly evolving. As soon as you are satisfied with your EDC, something new like a card tool appears and asks for a spot in your wallet or pocket. Many EDC collections have successfully replaced their heavier, more traditional multi-tool counterparts with card tools. Almost invisible in credit card size and with a thin, lightweight feel, survival cards can be an extraordinary survival tool. Nevertheless, they have some very real applications for food and survival in the wild.

Multi-tool users are often interested in how many functions it has. However, we must ask how well this tool performs these tasks. A flimsy or poorly placed tool is as good as none at all. We’ve therefore focused on credit card multitools with handy features like bottle openers, screwdrivers, nail files, and scissors. These multi-tools basically have all the features you need and none that you don’t. Credit card multitools like these are the ones you should buy.

Our top picks for card tools were those that offered the most ingenuity and utility. But also provided something unique, instead of just offering nubs of multiple sizes. Due to a clever credit card design, they’re conveniently thin and relatively lightweight and fit easily into your wallet alongside your other cards and cash. In no particular order, here are our sixteen favorite card tools. While most of these tools can open beer bottles, each one offers a unique way of meeting you’re everyday carrying needs despite opening more than half of them.


Cha-O-Ha EDC Card

This EDC Card does not have any frills or gimmicks. Made from solid stainless steel, this tool has built-in hex wrenches, a prybar slot, a 30mm metric ruler, a Phillips screwdriver, a lanyard hole, and, of course, a bottle opener. Considering how thin it is, you can easily attach it to your key ring or keep it in your wallet with your other credit cards, leaving more space in your pockets for other essentials. 


Wallet Ninja 2.0

Regardless of their size, the Wallet Ninja’s 2.0 slender profile makes it as easy to carry as a credit card. It is made from high-quality steel that’s been triple-heat-treated to give it durability and make it feel sturdy as you hold it. Besides an eyeglass repair tool and open hex drivers, every centimeter is turned into something useful, including a swoop that doubles as a cell phone stand if you have a cardholder. Every DIYer should keep one on hand for tasks such as measuring, cutting boxes, and pulling nails.


Zootility WildCard

Zootility’s WildCard pocket knife delivers a unique design and sleek style that is always ready to cut anywhere. With a blade length of just over an inch, weight of one-tenth of an ounce, and a thickness of just two millimeters, the knife is made from heat-treated stainless steel. This tool has a detachable blade so that TSA can handle it, along with easy washing in a dishwasher after use. Along with the pry bar and screwdriver, a bottle opener is also built into the body – perfect for carrying in your wallet when you’re on the go.


Nite Ize Financial Tool Wallet

This TSA-friendly, carry-on-approved financial tool wallet from Nite Ize can travel with you. Designed in a sleek, minimalist design that won’t draw attention to your pocket, this stainless steel money clip comes with a built-in money clip to carry cash and credit cards. Among the items on the card are a bottle opener, a wrench, a screwdriver, a tape cutter, and rulers (metric and standard). Travelers will love these in their pockets because they’re the ideal companion for on-the-go repairs.


ProdPodge Credit Card Multitool

Make sure you’re always prepared by packing the ProdPodge Credit Card Multitool. With its built-in compass and magnifying glass, you can easily navigate, the serrated knife and accompanying hook are capable of cutting through fish and small game, and if your knife gets dull, you can use the built-in sharpener to bring it back to life. When working with wood (no more splinters), a pick and tweezer are essential. Having your fire started with a flint firestarter is handy on a camping trip, and a whistle can keep you from getting lost. The card features a case made of hard ABS plastic and steel tools, making it perfect for urban or outdoor environments.


TAC9ER 22-in-1 Credit Card Sized Wallet Multitool

With TWENTY-TWO different tool options, TAC9ER stands out from the crowd when it comes to credit card tools. In addition to the standard options (screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, ruler), the 22-in-1 comes with multiple hex wrench apertures, a card insert for a smartphone stand, a cable peeler, and a nail puller and filer. Everything and anything can be done with this card. In addition to being made of heat-treated stainless steel, it comes with a no-questions-asked, five-year warranty.


Lever Toolcard Pro

Those who need to keep track of their work on a job site will find Lever Toolcard Pro to be an ideal tool. Tighten screws, measure straight edges, mark angles, cut wires and cable, pull nails, measure straight edges, pull your nails, and crack a cold one at the end of the long workday. This unique device provides forty tools packed into just one small card, barely an inch thick, making it an ideal choice for carrying around. It can be used as a backup wallet as well as a money clip, as it fits up to six credit cards.


PocketMonkey Basic

We liked the rounded corners on the PocketMonkey the best, which is crucial for any EDC item that might poke through your pocket, poke through your thigh, or poke through your wallet. You can also wrap your earbuds around it to prevent tangles without worrying about cutting the cord. As it can open bottles, handle screws of all sizes, open mail, peel oranges, measure, and give you a straight edge, this is sturdy enough for any lumberjack and cute enough to give to your special lady friends.


Titanium Survival Card Tools

Nothing quite compares to the Titanium Survival Card Tools, three highly useful cards to slide into your wallet. You can fish wherever you are with the first kit, which comes with a variety of fishing hooks and spoons. Using the needles provided, you can sew on emergency buttons to ripped clothing. This set of seven lockpicks makes it easy to open a locked door, so you can get back inside in no time. With neoprene backing, they’re incredibly durable and easy to store and organize. Precision laser-cut from Grade 4 titanium, they’re incredibly durable.


TIHK Urban Slim Tool

Although all credit-card-sized devices are slim, some are thinner than others. The Urban Slim Tool is a thin sheet of heat-treated stainless steel that holds 10 wrench sizes, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener. Its star however is its minimalist lock picking set built into the frame, just make sure you’re on the right side of the law before carrying one around.


Tactica M.020 Camping Tool Card

You will be ready for any camping adventure if you bring the Tactica M.020. You’ll be surprised at how many tools are on this camping toolset: bottle openers, rope tensioners, rope cutters, tent peg pullers, scrapers, saws, and even a sundial. Ferro fire rod starter makes it easy to start a campfire, and the rest of the tools are useful for every camping task. At under two ounces and no larger than a credit card, it is ideal for taking into the great outdoors.


Gentleman’s Hardware Credit Card Multi-Tool

The products created by Gentleman’s Hardware are made to last, but rugged enough to last for years. A handy Credit Card Multi-Tool is the one thing you should carry in your wallet at all times. In your pocket, you’ll always have everything you need to open a can, crack a cold beer, fix things around the house (thanks to the ruler, wrench, screwdriver, and saw blade), and slice fresh fruit. The stainless steel material makes it elegant and long-lasting, so it won’t rust, break, or bend.


Victorinox SwissCard

You will find yourself using this SwissCard on a daily basis, as it comes from the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife. When you have a load of basic office tools, you won’t be whipping it out to fix a flat tire or turn a wrench on your engine, but for everyday tasks. You survive an average Tuesday at the office with a nail file, tweezers, a letter opener, screwdriver, lancing pin, and a pressure-sensitive ballpoint pen.


Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

This is one of Boker’s best EDC knives, and it deserves a place in your wallet. This credit card-sized blade is 2-14″ long, with a titanium-lined handle that folds up. You can get a wallet knife with a removable pocket clip, a sturdy frame lock, and familiar handling.


Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool does not have a lot in it, and it is actually too bulky to carry in a wallet, but it provides a keyring knife, screwdrivers, and mini fire starter, and it is easy to tote around in dire circumstances. There’s also a tiny LED light on the keychain that’s bright enough but not overpowering. You’ll never turn the wrong tool in a pinch with the olive drab, militaristic look on the side of the case. During even the most demanding outdoor excursions, nothing gets loose during packing up.


United Cutlery Kommando Pocket Rescue Tool

There are times when it is necessary. If you want to use the nylon cord that comes with the device, we suggest wrapping it with some nice paracord. To handle all the basic screws and to strip wires in worst-case scenarios, it is helpful to know how to wrench SAE hex nuts. It is vital that you carry the United Cutlery tool in your car or bag since it can save your life. Carrying it in your pocket is probably not the most practical solution.