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Valmor’s V3 Blaze Wallet, Everything You Need In a Minimalist Wallet

Wallets are reaching new heights these days, and the availability of V3 Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design can attest to this. The V3 Blaze Wallet is an ultimate offer for busy, minimalist, and modern-day professionals who are always on the go. This wallet is packed with impressive features that set this apart from regular wallets.

This minimalist and lightweight wallet allow users to keep their coins, cash, and cards all in one place. This wallet is an especially designed product that will save users from the bulk of traditional wallets. V3 Blaze Wallet comes with useful components such as a lanyard ring allowing users to easily attach their keys into their wallet, ensuring that this won’t get separated.

One of the best things about this lightweight and well-crafted wallet is that this was custom-designed to suit the needs and lifestyle of busy modern-day professionals who are always on the go. This product is the key to finally say goodbye to bulky wallet since V3 Blaze Wallet was made to exactly lose the weight of thick wallets without compromising the performance. With some specialized pockets and cutting-edge technology, users have everything they need for easy and convenient storage.

Product users can expect for superior quality and longer lasting wallet with the V3 Blaze Wallet. This product was crafted from classic and top of the line leather materials. The wallet has undergone excellent craftsmanship, so it is just fair to say that this was created to impress and to last.

For user’s ultimate convenience and satisfaction upon use, this wallet features central pockets which can accommodate and securely hold 3 to 4 cards, two cards in the front pockets, pull tab strap allowing easy card access, drop-free coin pocket, GPS tracker pocket, keyring, or lanyard loop attachment, transit card or work ID and more.

The V3 Blaze Wallet is noted for more other features like RFID protection, built-in NFC, and low-profile and slim design. The product comes in eco-friendly packaging. This means that V3 Blaze Wallet uses a packaging with reduced carbon footprints and made of materials that are completely environmentally friendly.

Professionals looking for best value product must check out on this one and see for themselves how this modern wallet can create a big difference not just in their professional lives but personal lives as well. The product has been launched on Kickstarter, and interested individuals can check this out online. The V3 Blaze Wallet is one of the prides of Valmor Design and was made to fulfill the needs of shoppers and product users for all in one storage with guaranteed modern designs and features.

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