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Orbitkey Nest – A Home For Your Everyday Essentials

We believe that a clever organization leads to better living. It started in 2013 with a simple idea to solve the frustration of carrying messy keys. Nine months later, the Orbitkey Key Organiser was born here on Kickstarter. Since then, we have launched 3 Kickstarter campaigns, with 22,000 backers, raising over US$1 million. We are a team of 20 passionate individuals based in Melbourne and across the globe. We love Kickstarter. Not only did you help bring Orbitkey to life, you also allow us to focus on making great products and keep doing the things we love – without the influence of outside investors. Driven by design, innovation and the idea of better living, Orbitkey strives to constantly challenge the way we organize – and we hope to have you join us!

The portable and customizable desk organizer with an in-built wireless charger. Nest will help you declutter and organize – allowing you to be more productive and efficient at work. At Orbitkey, we believe that life’s better when everything has its place. This is why we designed Nest – to help you spend less time searching through mess looking for things, and more time on things that matter.