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JADIL – Just Another Desk Incredible Lamp

JADIL is a smart, transformable lamp that can be used almost anywhere.
Yes, this is a lamp, yes, it is shining, but why is JADIL unique?
Using RGB and white diodes provides cold, warm, and neutral white light and all specter of color light. You can use a remote control or a special app to adjust light mods. Also, you can connect JADIL to Alexa or Google assistant.
Using phone application reveals a wider range of settings, including:
Set the color of any of 16M shade using the color wheel in the application. You can also adjust the brightness of the glow and save your favorite presets. As the RGB and white LEDs are separated, you can mix different colors and shades, adding a warm glow to create the most comfortable atmosphere. Configure smooth color mixing or flashing in strobe mode with adjustable frequency.
JADIL can respond to sound with light using a phone microphone. Also, the application has a built-in audio player, so JADIL can serve as excellent lighting in addition to your favorite music. You can set the time for turning the lamp on or off and the time for changing the color. The JADIL’s design is modern and minimalist, but in combination with a folding mechanism, this design expands the application and placement of a smart lamp. You can customize JADIL with stickers on the round eye of the lamp. Multiple flat sides of the lamp allow you to place logos, labels, stickers, etc. on them.

Where you can use JADIL?
– First of all, you can use it as a desk lamp. Thanks to the switch, you can turn on either top or full light.
– You can use Jadel as a night light for yourself or your children. Controlling through the application will allow you to choose the most comfortable color and the intensity of lighting, turn the lamp on and off remotely (quietly) or set a timer to turn the lamp on and off.
– When unfolded, JADIL can be used as background lighting to reduce eye strain when watching TV or working on a computer.
– A wide range of customizable colors and flickering modes complement the atmosphere and mood for entertainment or relaxation.
– You can play music through the application or just turn on the microphone and the lamp will respond to sounds or music filling the space with light effects.
– You can use JADIL for video or photo shooting. Fully unfolded, it will be able to give uniform light, and changing the color of the lamp can complement the scene with the desired shade.
We aimed to make our smart lamp as simple and universal as possible so that JADIL could add light to the various bright moments of your life.