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RMU BRFCS – 35L Ultra-rugged and weatherproof business briefcase

Rocky Mountain Underground, RMU for short, is a firm. That was true, before it decided to start a tavern at its home base of Breckenridge, Colorado, and also to start building things such as a flexible back country backpack, a tailgate cover for the mountains bicycles and a dog collar which converts to a water bowl. Now, the one time garage based rowing maker bills as an outdoor brand new. One of its most latest products called the BRFCS, fill in the vowels for pronunciation, are an all purpose adventure journey tote which sets a tone for where the firm could be headed.

The BRFCS is portable harmonious bag with a 35 liter base capability that extends to 50 liters. Its interior was outfitted by RMU with compartmentalized storage for clothing, and smaller net pockets for necessities and fundamentals, there is also a false bottom. The BRFCS offers a padded laptop computer sleeve and a detachable compression strap. It could be carried like its namesake, with back pack straps and a stow away hipbelt or as a shoulder bag. The Great: RMU’s dog collar/water bowl provides the yardstick example of how it means its outdoor merchandise: put function everywhere. The BRFCS does that, in one compartment is a false bottom, the hip belt and back pack straps stow away; the front exterior pocket is fantastic for fundamentals like a passport and wallet, but additionally stashes a helmet sling, even the aluminium buckle on the inner compression strap has a curved edge for opening bottles.

As a tote, it is more spacious than it seems. It’s two sides with a zipper, such as many classic travel suitcases, for storing clothes and separating dirty from clean ones on the way home. These are more vast than they seem, and easily enough for multi day trips. Carrying methods do schlepping thing a cinch, and the briefcase design handles and back pack straps are comfortable in use. Exterior compression straps help make everything secure once inside, whether slightly empty or packaged. The BRFCS is an adventure journey tote, and adventurous travelers are who it’s for. Sure, the casual weekender and the company traveler will also find it an adequate companion, but features such as the helmet sling and back pack straps might go under valued.

If you are the sort of individual who prefer to use only the approach, or somebody who’ll tack on a lift or day on the slopes at some excursion, this can be your luggage. All of the features that the BRFCS offers make to get a tote that at times feels bloated. If you do not utilize the false bottom, it’s going be a space waster, fortunately, it’s removable. A few of the other attributes are not however, including the hip belt and the helmet twist, so even in the event that you don’t desire them you are stuck with them.

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