Classic “Doctor’s Bag” gets an overhaul with Wingman Backpack

A bag that combines the front-opening accessibility of the timeless Doctor’s Bag design with the durability and weather-resistance of the adventure backpack has just hit Kickstarter, and it’s bringing something truly unique to the table.

The “Wingman” backpack is the latest product from luggage innovators Dr.Wilds. The backpack takes the company’s core belief that the traditional Doctor’s Bag holds a place in history as one of the best ergonomic designs, and reinvents this classic with all the comfort and functionality of the modern-day backpack. The team at Dr.Wilds has a long legacy of bag design and manufacturing, with the company’s product director having spent 18 years working for an OEM company that produced bags for the likes of BMW, Samsonite and KAPPA. Because of this history, quality is ingrained in everything they do, and the brand already has the production capacity, the technology, and design experience to set them apart from the average Kickstarter project.

The Wingman Backpack holds appeal for a broad spectrum of consumers due to its adaptability and customizable features. A range of strap and clip options allow you to wear the bag as a backpack, a crossbody bag, or duffel-style. Its high capacity means that Dr.Wilds has been able to design-in a host of modular accessories that enable the wearer to customize the bag for their lifestyle. These include a compression bag, waterproof toiletry bag, camera bag, waist bag, and phone pouch—all of which can also be used individually. Whether you’re the adventurer type looking for a river-tracing bag and a carabiner rope attachment, a commuter who’s after a bag that will safely store your laptop and look good on a bike, or a photographer who can make use of the bag’s magnetic camera bag and tripod slings, the Wingman truly has something for everyone.

The Wingman’s shell and trim are made of PVC-coated nylon mesh and Hypalon (the stuff they make white water rafts out of), making it weather-resistant and incredibly durable against wear and tear. With zippers that are not only waterproof but explosion-proof, and strong magnetic quick-release clasps that allow for easy access, the bag was designed to withstand anything you can throw at it.

Form meets function
Despite being wildly rugged, the bag doesn’t sacrifice on aesthetics, with its sleek, black exterior subtly incorporating a range of compartments and concealed pockets for items like laptops, cellphones, and other valuables. The bag’s back panel and shoulder pads are constructed using EPE Seismic Sponge and breathable, form-fitting mesh, which reduce pressure at the points of contact with the body, making it a comfortable all-day carry.

The bag’s opening has a patented wireframe design, which means the Wingman holds its form perfectly when opened, ensuring that every corner of its interior can be reached easily. No more propping up the edges of your bag while rummaging around for that thing you really need! The Wingman also complies with size specifications for carry-on luggage, making it the ideal, easy-access travel companion.

According to Dr.Wilds’ product director, Wing Chen, “Our decision to take the Doctor’s Bag and reimagine it for the needs of modern consumers was based on my many years of experience experimenting with thousands of bag designs for some of the world’s biggest companies. At its core, the classic Doctor’s Bag offers you a huge amount of space, paired with incredible visibility and access to the interior contents due to its top-opening design, but over the years there’s been little innovation on these great fundamentals. We wanted to take this versatile design and build on it, making it an unbeatable all-rounder.”

The backpack and modular accessories are now available to buy on Kickstarter, with package options that get you the full range of modular components, or stripped down bundles to suit your lifestyle. Pledges start at US$149—an early bird discount of 40 percent off the bag’s future retail price. A range of other pledge options are available, offering different configurations and accessories, but make sure you get in early: the discounted rates will end on September 16th, 2020.

About Dr.Wilds

Dr.Wilds was established in 2018 by the product director of one of Taiwan’s leading OEM backpack and accessory manufacturers, who has 18 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands—including global companies like BMW, Samsonite, and KAPPA. With this foundation, the team at Dr.Wilds wanted to harness their understanding of design best practices to make backpacks that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s best bags. Kickstarter campaign link: