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A New Solution for Staying Connected Anywhere in the World Launched on Kickstarter Now

Tern Global is proud to announce their new Kickstarter campaign, Tern – the device that enables a person to stay connected anywhere at a very reasonable price. Tern is deemed as the only portable wifi which enables a user to stay connected anywhere on the globe. It allows the user to have the freedom to select the best plan which suits them, along with the price as reasonable as local prepaid SIM cards.

A lot of travelers are seeking for a cheap global data connection to help stay connected wherever they are in the world. Whenever they are searching for data connection abroad, they would either opt for Prepaid SIM cards, Global SIM cards or portable rental Wi-Fi. However, they can be costly. That’s the main reason why Tern Global created the Tern – the best price to stay connected anywhere.

Features of Tern:

Tern strives to offer users a convenient and affordable way of using data.

  • No hustle
  • No boundary
  • No switching sim cards
  • No contract
  • No monthly fee

The mobile hotspot provides connectivity at very reasonable prices without renting portable Wi-Fi connections and switching SIM cards. Since Tern works along with local service providers, they deliver plans with the most reasonable prices. Users can receive an unlimited 4G data plan that costs as low as $0.2 every day.

Tern Global started their very first Kickstarter campaign, PIECE in 2015. They were able to raise an amount of $402,214 along with almost 4000 backers. PIECE transformed the way people utilize smartphones. The team behind Tern Global strive to enhance the experience of using smartphones. Thus, they found a way that seeking for data traveling abroad can be stressing. Further, the latest solutions are either inconvenient and expensive for users. Tern is compatible with virtually any 4G network and the majority of major mobile carrier network around the globe.

Apart from the travel router, backers of Kickstarter can also take benefit from receiving the Tern Carrier. They just need to add $6 to any reward to receive the exclusive case. Tern Carrier is the ideal protector for the mobile hotspot device and any personal belongings. The device can fit in smoothly while there’s enough space for other stuff like cards and key.

The Kickstarter campaign of Tern is available for early bird pledges from $70 along with access anticipated to happen during 2019 of January. In December 2018, Tern Global will plan to begin the mass production of Tern and start shipping by the start of 2019.

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About Tern Global:

Tern Global is a startup company in Hong Kong that aims to create expedient and handy products to the consumers. They hope to establish a more connected world, and crowdfunding has made it possible.