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Most Functional Neweex Travel Backpack Reviewed


The Neweex Backpack is more than just a backpack, it is to many extents a travel companion, keeping you organized while packing as much as you would like in a fairly small looking backpack. Looks can indeed be deceptive as the Neweex backpack suggest. A lightweight, easy carry, and well-organized backpack which ensures comfort, class, and portability all in one package. Let’s welcome the Neweex Backpack.

Below are some of the features of the Neweex backpack:

S-shaped shoulder straps for comfort: The latest shoulder straps design ensures a flexible fix around your shoulders which ensures your bag is held very closely and securely, and yet leaves you with a comfortable hug around your shoulders.

Six custom cushions for back, shoulder and neck support:

To further ensure comfort, the Neweex Backpack has been designed to support your carriage even better with six custom cushions that align properly to give you neck and shoulder a perfect support. Your back is not left out, as the cushions also provide support for it.

Neweex Backpack by gearorbit

Small pockets for keys, ID cards and more:

Now you don’t have to burden your pockets or carry an extra strap to hold your stuff; the new Neweex bag design ensures small pockets around I which you can keep keys, ID cards and even your debit cards. Secured with close straps, the pockets give you an extra security and comfort.Neweex Backpack by gearorbit 2 1024x576 - Most Functional Neweex Travel Backpack Reviewed

Built-in USB charging port:

Now you don’t need to sweat if our phone is running low and you’re on the go. Simply reach back and plug in your phone to boost power while on the move.

Security lock:

Neweex has also designed a smart security lock which gives you complete ownership of your bag. You need not worry about someone getting access to your stuff without permission. All you need to do is to set up your lock and you’re in charge.

Neweex Backpack by gearorbit 3 1024x576 - Most Functional Neweex Travel Backpack Reviewed

Shoulder strap suction cups for smartphones:

You can now keep your hands free to do other things without having to push your smartphone into your pocket. Neweex’s smart strap suction cup design allows you to sit your phone comfortably and securely so that you can engage in other activities which may require both hands.

Neweex Backpack by gearorbit 4 1024x576 - Most Functional Neweex Travel Backpack Reviewed

Reflective safety lines for night time visibility:

Walking at night and need some extra illumination? Or perhaps you need to check out something within the confines of your bag and there’s not enough light around? Worry less. The reflective safety lines got you covered. Simply allow rays reflect where you want and have the extra light to give you some much desired nighttime visibility.

Water resistant material with a rain cover for extra protection:

With the new Neweex backpack, you never have to be scared of getting drenched in the rain anymore. The bag is made up of water-resistant material and also has an extra layer of protective material against rainfall. Your gadgets and documents are always going to be kept as dry and safe as possible.

Durable YKK zippers and fabrics:

Also incorporated into the Neweex design are the durable YKK zippers and fabrics to ensure a seamless experience. Get rid of the irritating scene of your zippers getting caught on a stray fabric, or the zippers getting out of alignment.

The Neweex Backpack gives you fashion and efficiency all. All or nothing!

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