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Big Idea Design LLC Launches a Titanium Click Pen on Kickstarter


Big Idea Design LLC, a startup company that focuses on bringing innovative Everyday Carry gear to people who want to do more and carries less is proud to present their Ti Click EDC Pen on Kickstarter today. Ti Click EDC Pen is the leading click pen that accepts more than 100 refills without any spaces, hacks or guesswork. The titanium pen is made of 100% metal.

Titanium has a lot of advantages. It’s pretty well indestructible in ordinary circumstances; it’s light to carry, it can be anodized by different methods to create some remarkable patterns and colors – far more than other types of metals. For anyone seeking for a timeless titanium click pen made to play well with others, the Ti Click EDC Tactical Pen is the ideal solution.

Features of TI Click EDC Pen

As it is described on the Kickstarter page, the EDC gear has the following features:

  • It is made with 100% metal mechanism and custom machined.
  • The Ti Click EDC features a longer rollerball refill inside.
  • It has an auto-adjusting collet that helps lessen the wiggling of the tip.
  • The titanium pen adjusts to the users refill flawlessly, offering it the proper titanium home it deserves.

The Ti Click EDC Pen was considered to be the 24th project of Big Ideas Design LLC on Kickstarter. According to their statement, “Our company (Big Idea Design LLC) started back in 2011 after our very first Kickstarter project. So, to us, it simply feels like home. We don’t have (or want) any investors, so we bring our new products to the Kickstarter community. We simply love being an active part of this community and making unique products with our backers that are both affordable and built to last.”

Since 2011, Big Design Ideas LLC has been producing innovative products for the community. Some of these are Hey Drive Ratchet, The Pocket-Friendly EDC Screwdriver, Mini Hub, Pen Stands, Stylus Tips and so on. A lot of people are also praising them for their unique inventions. “The brains over at Big Idea Design make some of the best EDC gear around…How it adapts to different refills is the true beauty in the engineering,” commented Modern Outdoor Dweller.

The Kickstarter funding period of the Ti Click Pen ended on August. The production will happen in the middle of August, throughout September and October. Big Ideas Design LLC plans to perform the assembly, packing, and shipping by November.

For those who still want to support the program,

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About Big Design Ideas LLC:

Big Design Ideas LLC is a start-up company that strives to offer unique, high-quality and affordable every day Carry gear to the people. The company has already been featured in gizmag, CBS Chicago, CNN Money, uncrate, Entrepreneur, and Geeky Gadgets to name a few.